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All Write..? offers a FREE, no obligation five page sample proofread!


A free sample will demonstrate how All Write..?  can improve & perfect your writing... before you decide to submit your whole piece.


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All Write..? will edit any of the following:




         Magazine Articles

         Marketing materials - leaflets, brochures, posters

         Dissertations & Essays




         User Guides


         Training Documents


         Product Information booklets

         Research Reports

         Sales Proposals



If something is not listed please contact me, as all types of document will be considered.





What do All Write..? actually provide...?


All Write..? editing service will vary depending on individual needs, but listed below are many of the services provided:


Checking for spelling, grammar or punctuation errors.


Checking consistency, design, typography & accuracy i.e. font, spacing, underlining, caps, bold, italic & paragraphs.


Checking headings, page numbers, sub headings & indexes are consistent.


Consistency of references in alphabetical order.


Ensuring that illustrations/tables/graphs are labelled correctly & text reference is accurate.


Confirming names, numbers, web addresses, foreign language or technical text are correct.


Use of BSI 1976 or 2005 symbols for hard copy proofs.


'Blind' proofreading i.e. without a copy to refer to.


Adhering to style guides supplied by the client, or creating a guide if required.


Communication with the client to ensure a satisfactory result.


Working within time frames specified by the client.



If your document is handwritten and you need it to be typed up before proofreading, All Write..? can also do this for you.  Please use the link below for a quote, or for any further questions you may have.